Kodi: How to Download Kodi

How to download kodi
How To Download Kodi

How to Download the Latest version of Kodi.

At the end of this post you will have the knowledge to Download Kodi 17.0 to your Windows device.

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STEP 1: Open your browser and type http://kodi.tv in the URL.

STEP 2: Look for the Download button and click it.

You will come to the Kodi Download page. In the future if you want to go straight to this page. Type in the URL http://kodi.tv/download.

Scroll down till you see the Kodi v17.0 Krypton. Pick the Device you want to run Kodi on. In this tutorial we are using windows.

STEP 3: Click the installer button.

Kodi 17 will begin to download. As you can see in the timer it took about 1 min 11sec to download Kodi 17.

STEP 4: In the bottom left you should see your Download. If not find your Download folder.

STEP 5: Click and open Kodi setup.

STEP 6: Click the run button.

STEP 7: Click the next button to continue.

STEP 8: Click the I Agree button.

Step 9: Click the Next button to continue.

STEP 10: Choose your Install Location and click next to continue.

STEP 11: Leave the Start menu name to KODI and click install.

STEP 12: As you can see it took about 1 min 56 sec to finish downloading Kodi to a Windows device.

STEP 13: Check the run Kodi.

STEP 14:
Click finish and Kodi should start right up for you.

Congratulation you just installed Kodi 17. If for some reason Kodi doesn’t start up. Check your start up menu and click the icon.

In the next tutorial. I’m going to show you how to setup Kodi 17. So you can get access to all the Movies, TV shows and sports.

If for some reason Kodi not working properly. Check out this tutorial on How to Uninstall Kodi from your device.

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